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Brand X Liquid Latex Red Body Paint 8oz

Item Number: CNVELD-7241-32
 Retail Price: $12.57
 Sale Price: $8.99
 You Save:  (29%)


Brand X Latex is a fun creative product that is only limited by your imagination! Paint it directly onto skin to design and enjoy your own latex clothing, costumes and fashions. Brand X Latex is a natural, biodegradeable and non-toxic result of tree sap and does not contain petroleum or bonding agents commonly found in paint. This allows the skin to breathe underneath. Brand X Latex Body Paint can be applied to Spandex, Lycra, and denim for reusable latex clothing and is great for costumes, clothing, masks or dressing up for your favorite sporting event and should last several hours when applied generously. 8oz will cover approximately a fourth the body.
UPC: 793573938442

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