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Endurance Butterfly Nipple Clamps Jewel Chain Silver

Item Number: CNVELD-SPF-41
 Retail Price: $26.93
 Sale Price: $19.24
 You Save:  (29%)


A classic, intense choice for nipple play connoisseurs, these traditionally styled Butterfly, or clover clamps, are on the extreme end of the sensation spectrum, providing a tight, unrelenting pinch that increases with movement, or a tug of the attached chain. Absolutely ideal for dominance play, a weighty, swinging jewelry styled connector chain links the two nubby rubber tipped clamps, offering some something to tug and tease while the clamp portion holds tantalizingly tight.

Hardy metal construction is not only extra durable and worthy of some rough and tough play, but also warms quickly to match body heat. Place the clamps in the fridge or cold water before use, if you would like a cooler option. Keep in mind, there is no option for tension adjustment with this style of clamp, just a simple, straightforward pinch that, if you are into more aggressive nipple play, will absolutely hit the mark. Total length is about 19 inches, clamp tip to tip.
UPC: 669729200414

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