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Sex And Mischief Enchanted Kit

Item Number: CNVELD-SS099-24
 Retail Price: $20.07
 Sale Price: $14.34
 You Save:  (29%)


This burgundy blindfold with a full coverage shape and velvet feel and single elastic strap and set of cuffs is not intimidating for the person new to fantasy play making them a great purchase for beginners. And they are stylish too! These inexpensive, lightweight, and accessible restraints are great if you are looking to experiment in light bondage. A fantastic addition to your fantasy or sensation play toy box.

Product specifications: beginners wrist cuffs for first time bondage fun. Materials polyurethane PU, acrylic, polyester, polyurethane foam, elastic, nickel free metal. Includes one pair of adjustable 9 inches handcuffs with stud closure and single clasp connection and one 9 inches Blindfold for added fantasy fun add a leash and take your lover wherever you want to go. With the blindfold on your partner, introduce some sensation play with a feather or tickler.
UPC: 646709099244

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