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Zeus Awaken Uni Polar E Stim Gloves

Item Number: XRAE856
 Retail Price: $54.75
 Sale Price: $39.11
 You Save:  (29%)


Zeus Electrosex electrify your life. Zeus Awaken Electro Stimulation Gloves. Explore new possibilities for electro play. Connect the Awaken Uni-Polar E-Stim Gloves to your Zeus Powerbox and introduce your lover to the conductive energy of your caress. For sensation play enthusiasts, there has never been a more exciting tool. These travel friendly and comfortable gloves will provide a more intimate and sensual e-stim adventure. Just plug in both gloves to leads that connect to your powerbox, and prepare your partner for an electrifying experience. If you wish to also experience the shocking sensations, simply slip the gloves on your hands, turn on your box, and use both hands to play with your lover. The tingling jolts will course through both of you. However, 5 pairs of latex gloves are included for you to wear under the e-stim gloves if you prefer that only your partner experiences the intensity. Customize how your partner feels electrical stimulation with these unique gloves from Zeus Electrosex. Measurements 9 inches in length and 5 inches wide, unstretched. One size fits most. Materials Fabric, metal, latex. Color White. Note leads and powerbox required to operate, not included. Both leads must be connected for gloves to work.
UPC: 848518023681

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